Aktion T4 – Förintelsen började med funktionshindrade barn och psykiskt sjuka | Psykiatriska Museet, Gertrudsvik, Västervik

Projektet kom att att benämnas Aktion T4. Namnet härrör från adressen till det kontor i Berlin varifrån hela dödshjälpsaktionen administrerades… — Läs på psykmuseet.se/2013/08/aktion-t4-forintelsen-borjade-med-funktionshindrade-barn-och-psykiskt-sjuka/

Sarajevo – background or plot

An ordinary summer day in the city of Sarajevo harbors the historic tale of world altering events that lead to the first world war. The story follows a Croatian magistrate and his struggles as he attempts to unravel the plots of two young men responsible for the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Was it coincidentalFortsätt läsa ”Sarajevo – background or plot”

Swiss kept billions in looted Nazi gold

Swiss kept billions in looted Nazi gold — Läs på http://www.writing.upenn.edu/~afilreis/Holocaust/swiss-kept-billions.html

Ricardo Clement – definition of Ricardo Clement by The Free Dictionary

Define Ricardo Clement. Ricardo Clement synonyms, Ricardo Clement pronunciation, Ricardo Clement translation, English dictionary definition of Ricardo Clement. Noun 1. Adolf Eichmann – Austrian who became the Nazi official who administered the concentration camps where millions of Jews were murdered during World… — Läs på http://www.thefreedictionary.com/

Operation Finale

A team of secret agents set out to track down the Nazi officer who masterminded the Holocaust. Veronika Liebl


In NOBEL, two stories carefully intertwine as a returning soldier and family man becomes a pawn in a political international game. As the stakes grow higher he is forced to discover just how far one should go in the name of peace.